Office Hours:
Mon-Fri (except holidays)
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Our Yard Waste facility is located @ 285 Spangler's Mill Road!
You can drop off Yard Waste and Electronics Recycling as well as pick up mulch. The hours are as follows:

April thru October: Monday through Saturday from 8am-4:30pm, except Township Holidays!
November thru MarchMonday through Friday and the 1st & 3rd Saturday's from 9am-noon, except Township Holidays!‚Äč

The following link contains information and guidelines for the Yard Waste Facility.
Yard Waste Facility Guidelines


Larry (left) verifying proof of township residency(driver's license is acceptable)

The facility is managed by Larry, a retired township resident working part-time. He checks to confirm that people using the facility are township residents and the material being dropped off is acceptable in accordance with our Yard Waste Facility Guidelines. Larry will record your last name, address, type and amount of material that you drop off or pick up.


The facility accepts Christmas trees, tree trimmings and brush from your yard clean up projects. In addition some people have dug out flowers and small plants and have brought them to the facility for composting and others have taken them home for planting at their residence. Some of the plants have been re-planted at various township facilities.

Note: Residents are expected to unload or load their vehicles themselves. Township employees will not use our equipment to load or unload material from your vehicle.

Trailer load of firewood being dropped off for use by others versus grinding it up for mulch

Busy week-day morning as township residents drop off material at the Yard Waste Facility

Yard waste piled 12' high before being shredded at the facility

2007 John Deere 544J Loader owned by Fairview Township loading grinder with yard waste

In early 2007, the Township purchased a new loader at a cost of $126,269. It is used primarily by the Public Works Department for highway, parks and composting projects.

Vermeer HG525 Horizontal Grinder owned by Cumberland County in operation at the facility








The shredder is a Vermeer HG525 Horizontal Grinder and is used to shred the yard waste dropped off by the township residents. It was made available to the Township at a cost of $2,000.00 per year through the Solid Waste Authority of Cumberland County. It grinds brush, tree trimmings and wood waste into mulch.

Double shredded wood mulch is available on a first come first serve basis. Residents have commented that it's great for mulching around their flower beds to retain moisture and hold back weed growth. The material is very popular and sometimes is depleted very quickly.

Bring us your unwanted and unusable yard waste and allow us to turn it into material that you can reuse on your gardens and flowerbeds.