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Public Safety

Here is some information that may help. Click below to see how to report damages.

Damage Reporting Flyer 2021 


Fires and explosions

We had a truck fire occur earlier in the week due to a resident disposing of pool chemicals with their household waste. Pool chemicals, rechargeable batteries, live ammunition and propane tanks cannot go in the trash or recycling as they can cause truck fires. If they do manage to get to a disposal site, they can lead to other issues.
Which leads to our second incident, which occurred this morning. We had an explosion at our recycle center when a propane tank made it to the end of our sorting process to the bailer. The pressure ended up causing an explosion. Please see below for images on both events. Luckily no one was hurt in either occasion.
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For information on changes with how the York County West Nile Virus Program is being handled for the upcoming season, please see link below:

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Welcome to the latest issue of Townships Today, a quarterly newsletter designed to help you educate the public about township government and other issues that impact them. Townships Today is written specifically for township residents, and we ask you to share it with them.

This quarter’s issue – click on the image at right to view – warns residents about the dangers of radon, a silent and deadly gas linked to lung cancer. Testing is the only way to know for sure if a home is harboring radon so the article offers practical steps to guide homeowners through the process.

As a bonus, we’ve also included a short Local Government Week article that encourages residents to volunteer in their township.

Note: To reduce printing and mailing costs, PSATS distributes this newsletter exclusively by email. For your convenience, current and past issues of Townships Today, along with detailed instructions for printing, distributing, and posting online, are available at www.psats.org. (Click on the “Publications” tab and choose “Townships Today.”)
Also, while PSATS created this newsletter, we want you, our members, to take full credit for the publication, as well as the quarterly articles, if you choose to use them in your own newsletter or post them on your website.
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Sunoco Pipeline-Mariner East

Sunoco Pipeline is entering the final stages of the construction process in multiple counties along the pipeline route. Learn more about the integrity testing process as they shift to right-of-way restoration in this month’s update.

Below is a link to their latest August News and Views edition, highlighting key updates related to the Mariner East project.

Sunoco Pipeline Mariner East Newsletter

Sunoco is conducting a hydrostatic test on our Mariner East 2 Pipeline. The hydrostatic test is a safety requirement regulated by the federal government (PHMSA) whereby the pipeline is pressurized with water to ensure integrity prior to filling with product.

Hydrostatic testing requires blowdown/purging of air and water at certain valve sites/above ground facilities that may cause periods of loud noise in your area.

We wanted to make you aware that the pre-plotting activity for this test between Lewisberry and Rosser Roads will take place during regular construction hours on Saturday, August 3, and the blowdown/purging activity will take place during regular construction hours on Monday, August 5.