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Mon-Fri (except holidays)
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Roof Park Field & Pavilion Maps 

There is a fee to rent the pavilions at Roof Park. You must contact John Minito at 717-576-1726 to reserve the pavilions and obtain a pavilion rental form.  Pavilions must be reserved 10 days in advance.

There is no charge for Green Lane Farms residents to rent the pavilion at Green Lane Farms Park, but you still MUST contact John Minito to reserve the pavilions. 


There is no charge for Woodbridge Farms residents to rent the pavilion at Woodbridge Park, but you still MUST contact John Minito to reserve the pavilions. 


All field rental requests must be scheduled directly through John Minito at 717-576-1726.


Rules and Regulations: Fairview Township Parks

The following are prohibited within the Fairview Township parks and recreation areas:


  1. Any disorderly or immoral acts
  2. Throwing stones or missiles
  3. Uttering loud, profane, offensive or indecent language
  4. Gambling
  5. Pets, except Seeing Eye and other Service dogs
  6. Washing cars
  7. Throwing, depositing or draining any offensive substance of any kind or depositing paper, fruit, food, refuse in any places except in receptacles provided therefore
  8. Depositing materials other than materials accumulated during use of the parks and recreation areas
  9. Building open fires in other than facilities provided therefore
  10. Horseback riding
  11. Sleeping on the ground or elsewhere, except in such places and at such times as may be designated by the Township Manager or Recreation Commission
  12. Drinking any alcoholic beverages
  13. NO ACCESS to the parking area directly behind the Fairview Township Municipal Building. Any violation may result in vehicles being ticketed and your team and/or league forfeiting these facilities
  14. No parking on the grass
  15. No parking from dusk to dawn
  16. No metal spikes
  17. No chairs, canopies, tents, etc., on the paved walking track